my favorite gluten-free + dairy-free foods – what I eat in a day!

Hello party people!! So, I recently changed my diet and am currently both gluten and dairy free. I did this after a recent doctor’s appointment and blood test, having found out that I have gluten and dairy sensitivities. The current plan is not for this to be permanent, and for me to have this diet for approximately 6 months or so. So for now, I have had a fun time discovering new foods I like and am able to eat, and would like to share them with you now!

Whether or not you are gluten/dairy free, these foods are all super delicious and good for you, so I highly recommend checking them out! Gluten and dairy are natural inflammatory foods, basically meaning they do tend to make you bloated.


– I usually have eggs for breakfast at least 2-3 times a week. I like my eggs scrambled, and make them with coconut milk as opposed to regular milk. I was a little skeptical about this at first, but there is no coconut-y taste to the eggs at all! They come out just as light and fluffy as normal eggs. I’ll usually also scramble them with some swiss chard or other green, to help get some extra vegetables in. I will either eat my eggs with bacon or sausage in little breakfast tacos, with corn tortillas, or as a breakfast sandwich. I have these gluten-free bagels which I love, as well as this gluten-free bread.

– One of my other favorite breakfast foods is oatmeal! The reason I love oatmeal so much is because it is so customizable, there are so many flavor and topping options! Some toppings I LOVE on my oatmeal include:

  • fresh/frozen berries
  • banana
  • chia seeds
  • cacao nibs
  • almond butter
  • honey
  • flax seeds

– Some things I also love for breakfast are OF COURSE pancakes and waffles!! I got this awesome recipe for gluten-free, dairy-free pancakes off of Pinterest, of course 😉 Just a tip: if you’re ever looking for anything food-related, check Pinterest!! My #1 helper and saving grace throughout this diet change. these pancakes were absolutely incredible…they tasted just like banana bread in pancake form! They were super fluffy and light, and I will definitely be making them again 🙂

For waffles, I got this recipe as well off of Pinterest. they were super yummy and just the right amount of sweet. They do tend to be a little bit lighter than normal waffles, but I believe that is just because of the flours used. I made these over the weekend, then froze the extras for an easy breakfast during the week!

For mornings that I just need something quick, I’ll eat this cereal with almond milk and some banana slices.

On the side, I love to have some fresh fruit with my breakfast, and a couple of homemade sausage patties if I’m having more of a sugary breakfast for my protein kick.


Most days, I eat leftovers! I eat a lot of rice, especially brown (my favorite). I will usually pack some of the leftovers from last night’s dinner, for example in the last week I’ve had: fish + wild rice, pork chops + brown rice, taco chicken + white rice, with broccoli. (I wasn’t lying when I said I had a lot of rice!) If there are no veggies left over, I will usually take baby carrots to supplement! When there are no leftovers for me to take, I enjoy sandwiches made with the same Canyon Bakehouse bread as mentioned above, either with lunch meat or peanut butter. Make sure the meats you buy are gluten free, as well! I love a good ham sandwich with some sliced avocado!


My mom makes dinner every night, so I don’t really have much of a say. Just kidding! But honestly, her food is great, and I pretty much just eat whatever is put in front of me. We always have a protein, a grain sort of item, and a vegetable. Normally we’ll have chicken and fish throughout the week, and I’ll have rice instead of mac ‘n cheese, for instance. But about once a week, we have my favorite meal: pasta!!! Here is an awesome gluten-free spaghetti that I have been having.


Here’s a list of some of my favorite snacks!

  • fruit!! (apples, bananas, strawberries, melon, tangerines, etc.)
    • apples + peanut butter
    • banana + strawberry + granola + almond milk (gluten-free granola I like here!)
    • smoothies!
  • rolled up lunch meat + baby carrots
  • yogurt + granola + chia seeds (the coconut milk yogurt I like is here)
  • almond flour crackers (here)
  • applesauce pouches
  • homemade no bake oat balls (similar pinterest recipe here!)
  • these cracker and hummus packs
  • these incredible gluten free pretzel sticks!
  • popcorn
  • Late July chips


Here’s a couple other items that didn’t fit in any other category.

  • Coffee creamer (my current favorite almond milk one here)
  • literally anything by SoDelicious – they make a ton of awesome dairy-free products, including the yogurt I linked above, coffee creamer and even ice cream!
  • As for dessert; there are lots of awesome options on Pinterest! I’ve already seen so many delicious looking recipes for all kinds of sweet treats and occasions.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful! If you’re in a tough situation with your diet, remember to focus on what you CAN have, not on what you can’t! I am so lucky to live in a world with so many wonderful gluten and dairy-free options! Especially coconut milk ice cream…’cuz you know a girl can’t go with out ice cream!

​​​♡, kenzie marie



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